It’s been a while since I went to Lyon, but it is a really beautiful city. The countryside around it is spectacular too, in a completely different way. We were there around Christmas time a few years ago, and I took quite a few pictures of the snow covered landscape: A hidden castle lost in the fog, and a deserted frozen field. Of course we also went back in town to have some great food and wander around the old city and its traboules.

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Cannes Film Festival

Like every year around May we descended upon the south of France for the Berenger’s annual gathering. I guess this is our own equivalent of Thanksgiving, with the three “F” (Family, Food and Festivities) all well represented. This year though, Christine had a surprise up her sleeve, and we ended up going to the Cannes Film Festival, for the evening red carpet showing of Mike Leigh’s Another Year.

It was a fantastic evening, great fun, and the movie was quite good too!