Long Island

We had a fantastic few days in Long Island. Having never been there in the autumn, it was a completely different experience than in the heart of summer. It is very quiet and people are more relaxed, but the fall colours are beautiful. The village of Amagansett where we stayed is particularly cute, but I think my favourite part was a day trip to Shelter Island, where the light was amazing and the reflections of the clouds on the water gave me so many great shots.


Hampstead Heath

When talking about London, Hyde Park and Regent’s Park get all the headlines, but I have a soft spot for Hampstead Heath in the North, tucked in between the two villages Highgate and Hampstead.


I just went to a friend’s wedding this weekend (congratulations Gina & Gabriel!) and it made me remember all the other friends weddings I went to in the summer of 2002. It was a great year, and a lot of fantastic memories.


As we discuss our next long holidays that are coming up (not soon enough…), the discussion seems to revolve around beach, rest and good food, and two names keep cropping up at the top of the list.The Seychelles… or the Maldives?